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Posters are larger versions of flyers usually hung vertically on walls or inside a display case. Designed to attract attention from passersby on the street, in a theater, school, shopping mall, or any other place that sees heavy foot traffic, posters work best when displaying a quick advertisement, providing directions or schedules for an event, and providing information for on-the-spot action. To this end, QR codes which can be read by smart phones are often added to today’s posters so onlookers can quickly get more information from a related website. This is a good example of how new media is enhanced by tried and true print media.

Poster Types & Sizes

Posters can be almost any size from 8.5x11 flyers to large displays covering entire walls. Depending on the location, a variety of materials may be used, including some outdoor-safe substrates for longer-duration uses. Posters are often mounted on gator board or foam core to add durability and make it easy to place on a stand just about anywhere. Since posters are often printed in small quantities, digital printing solutions like wide format inkjet printing and smaller format digital printing may be used to avoid the setup costs of offset printing. For larger quantities, however, offset printed posters are very cost-effective.

Poster Printing Services from Ryan Printing Inc.

Ryan Printing Inc. is a poster printing company in New York, servicing Rockland and Westchester counties, Bergen county in New Jersey, Fairfield county in Connecticut, as well as national and international Fortune 500 companies. With dozens of available substrates, digital, wide format and offset printing options, and a variety of finishing and fulfillment solutions, Ryan Printing Inc. is the regional leader in poster printing for all your poster projects.

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