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Digital printing enabled the one-to-one marketing genre of communication with customers and prospects.

One-to-one marketing refers to marketing strategies applied directly to a specific consumer. Having knowledge of the consumer's preferences enables suggesting specific products and promotions to each consumer. One-to-one marketing is based in four main steps in order to fulfill its goals: identify, differentiate, interact and customize.
Identify: In this stage the major concern is to get to know the customers of a company, to collect reliable data about their preferences and how their needs can best be satisfied.
Differentiate: To get to distinguish the customers in terms of their lifetime value to the company, to know them by their priorities in terms of their needs and segment them into more restricted groups.
Interact: In this phase it is needed to know by which communication channel and by what means contact with the client is best made. It is necessary to get the customer's attention by engaging with him or her in ways that are known as being the ones that he or she enjoys the most.  
Customize: It is needed to personalize the product or service to the customer individually. The knowledge that a company has about a customer needs to be put into practice and the information held has to be taken into account in order to be able to give the client exactly what he wants.

One-to-One Marketing Solutions from Ryan Printing Inc.

A good database, the power of digital printing, and the people at Ryan Printing Inc. who know how to make it all work together is all it takes to customize each piece in a mailing campaign to a specific recipient. Response rates for personalized mailings can be four times the typical rate. Ryan Printing Inc., servicing Rockland and Westchester counties in New York, Bergen county in New Jersey, Fairfield county in Connecticut, as well as national and international Fortune 500 companies, specializes in making personalized digital printing work for you.

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