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Books and booklets have a specific quality that can’t be matched by digital media; object permanence. They are a tangible, physical object that can serve as a constant reminder. Whether they are used to market a business, catalog its products or services, document and report financial results or record technical specifications, books and booklets can be designed to be visually appealing and serve as a portable repository of important information.

Depending on the quantity needed, offset or digital printing may be used to print your book projects. Today's digital technologies allow for very short-run and high quality booklet printing. Ryan Printing Inc. is an experienced booklet printing company, with expertise in both offeset and digital printing, and we will make sure you have the best options available for your project.

Ryan Printing's Full Service In-House Bindery

There are several popular binding methods, and Ryan Printing Inc. provides all of them:
Double wire, twin loop, or Wire-Obinding uses a "C" shaped wire spine inserted into holes punched along the bound edge of the booklet that is then squeezed into a round shape using a wire closing device vise that crimps the wire closed and into its round shape. Wire spines are available in a range of gauges to handle booklets of varying thickness and weight.
Comb binding uses a curled plastic "comb" inserted into rectangular slits punched along the bound edge of the booklet. The natural curvature of the comb holds the booklet together, while allowing for manual disassembly and reassembly. Combs are available in a wide range of colors and diameters. 
Spiral binding uses a metal or plastic wire (or helix) threaded through holes punched along the bound edge of the booklet; this form of binding allows the booklet to be opened flat and even opened back on itself without breaking the spine. Spiral binding can accommodate a wide range of booklet thicknesses. 
Perfect binding uses strong glue to bind paperback or soft cover books. Various sections, together with a cover, are glued together at the spine, then the sections are milled in the back and the other three sides are face trimmed.
Saddle stitching is often used to bind individual issues of a magazine. Brochures and newsletters may also be bound using saddle stitching.

Book Printing from Ryan Printing Inc.

Offset and digital printing, along with our full service bindery, makes Ryan Printing Inc. the leading booklet, annual report, and journals printing company in the New York City area, servicing Rockland and Westchester counties, Bergen county in New Jersey, Fairfield county in Connecticut, as well as national and international Fortune 500 companies. Whether you need saddle stitched, multi-page brochures or newsletters, wire-o bound business presentations, or perfect bound catalogs or annual reports, Ryan Printing Inc. is your resource for all forms of book printing.

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