Downloadable Print Templates

Our design templates can be downloaded in either PDF or InDesign formats for use with your desktop software. When finished, send us your file using Link-to-the-Ink or find the appropriate product through our Shop Online site, attach your file, place your order and send.

You must build your artwork on the "Your Artwork" layer. Delete or turn off "Template" layer before submitting artwork. All booklet/manual/catalog templates have: Front Cover, Inside Front Cover, Body Pages, Inside Back Cover, and Back Cover.

Ryan Printing Inc. is not responsible for an incorrect number of layers/pages on your file. Please make sure to upload a file with the correct number of layers and/or pages. All booklet files' pages must be divisible by 4.

Thank You,
Ryan Printing Inc. 

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Banner Templates

Banner - 2 ft x 4 ft
Banner - 2 ft x 4 ft
Banner - 3 ft x 6 ft
Banner - 4 ft x 8 ft

Booklet Templates

Booklet - 8.5x11, 8pgs
Booklet - 8.5x11, 12pgs
Booklet - 8.5x11, 16pgs
Booklet - 8.5x11, 24pgs
Booklet - 8.5x11, 32pgs

Brochure Templates

Brochure - 8.5x11, Closed Gate Fold
Brochure - 8.5x11, Half Fold
Brochure - 8.5x11, Open Gate Fold
Brochure - 8.5x11, Roll Fold
Brochure - 8.5x11, Trifold
Brochure - 8.5x11, Z Fold
Brochure - 11x17, 4 Panel Fold
Brochure - 11x17, Half Fold
Brochure - 11x17, Quarter Fold
Brochure - 11x17, Roll Fold

Bumper Sticker Templates

Bumper Sticker - 2x3, Oval
Bumper Sticker - 3x3, Circle
Bumper Sticker - 3x5, Oval

Business Card Templates

Business Card - 3.5x2
Business Card - 3.5x2, Folded

Calendar Templates

Desktop Calendar
Wall Calendar - 5.5x8.5
Wall Calendar - 6x9
Wall Calendar - 8.5x11
Wall Calendar - 12x12

Canvas Templates

Canvas - 8x10
Canvas - 11x14
Canvas - 16x20
Canvas - 20x24
Canvas - 24x36
Canvas - 36x48

Catalog Templates

Catalog - 8.5x11, 8pgs
Catalog - 8.5x11, 12pgs
Catalog - 8.5x11, 16pgs
Catalog - 8.5x11, 24pgs
Catalog - 8.5x11, 32pgs

CD and DVD Templates

CD DVD Case Cover
CD DVD Case Cover - 2 Panel
CD DVD Case Cover - 4 Panel

Club Card Templates

Club Card - 3x4
Club Card - 4x6

Collector Card Templates

Collector Card

Color Copy Templates

Color Copy - 8.5x11
Color Copy - 11x17

Doorhanger Templates

Door Hanger

Envelope Templates

Envelope - #9
Envelope - #9, Window
Envelope - #10
Envelope - #10, Window
Envelope - 6.75
Envelope - 9x12, Booklet

Event Ticket Templates

Event Ticket

Gift Certificate Templates

Gift Certificate

Greeting Card Templates

Greeting Card - 4.25x6, Landscape
Greeting Card - 4.25x6, Portrait
Greeting Card - 5x7, Landscape
Greeting Card - 5x7, Portrait

Hang Tag Templates

Hang Tag - Top Center Hole
Hang Tag - Top Left Hole
Hang Tag - Top Right Hole

Label Templates

Label 4x3
Label 5x4

Lawn Sign Templates

Lawn Sign - 12x18
Lawn Sign - 12x24
Lawn Sign - 18x24

Manual Templates

Manual - 8.5x11, 8pgs
Manual - 8.5x11, 12pgs
Manual - 8.5x11, 16pgs
Manual - 8.5x11, 24pgs
Manual - 8.5x11, 32pgs

Menu - 8.5x11
Menu - 11x17

NCR Form Templates

NCR Form

Newsletter Templates

Newsletter - No Fold
Newsletter - Half Fold
Newsletter - 11x17 QuarterFold

Notepad Templates

Notepad - 4x6
Notepad- 5.5x8

Postcard Templates

Postcard - 4x6
Postcard - 5x7
Postcard - 6x9

Poster Templates

Poster - 16x20
Poster - 18x24
Poster - 20x30
Poster - 24x36

Rack Card Templates

Rack Card - 3.5x8.5
Rack Card - 4x9

Table Tent Templates

Table Tent

Window Decal Templates

Window Decal - 1x.875, Oval
Window Decal - 2x3, Oval
Window Decal - 3x4, Rounded
Window Decal - 4x6, Rounded
Window Decal - 4x8, Rounded

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