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Calendars are a practical, useful and attractive way to keep your advertising message “top of mind” with your customers and prospects throughout the year.

Calendar Formats

Commercial printed calendars are typically produced in one of three formats: poster calendars show an entire year on a single page; wall calendars display a two-page spread for each month; card calendars show an entire year on a wallet-sized card.
Wall calendars are essentially booklets rotated 90° so that a two-page spread is displayed for each month. A wall calendar provides you the opportunity to use seasonal and/or holiday brand images and promote monthly advertising messages and promotional events.  
Poster calendars are often more cost-effective than wall calendars, as they use a single sheet rather than an entire booklet, and require just one timeless brand image to promote your brand or advertising message. If you have a promotion schedule or specific brand activities, you can highlight those as well.
Card calendars are also sometimes called wallet calendars. Small in size, card calendars can display a brand image or logo and a short advertising message. They are inexpensive giveaways that serve as a useful reminder of your business.  

Calendars from Ryan Printing Inc.

With offset, digital and wide format printing solutions, Ryan Printing Inc. can always provide the best options when you decide to print calendars. For a more personal approach, ask about Ryan Printing Inc’s web-based system that could be tailor-made for you and/or your customers to make personalized calendar printing a reality without sacrificing brand integrity or providing so many options that the user gets confused and gives up. Or you could always just send us your print-ready files!

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